Furnierwerk Prignitz


for perfect veneers

An optimized selection of machinery of fers our customers all possibilities of veneer production. The latest technology and the special knowledge of our employees guarantee a high quality, smooth veneer and the best possible yield.

Our peeling machine has a max. cutting length of 3.30 m and produces full-round and half-round peeled veneers. A backing pressure-roller system assures that the veneer thickness remains exactly the same during the peeling process. An automatic clipper cuts the sheets in a width depending on the log diameter. Fixed widths can also be produced.

A stay-log beam for eccentric peeling provides for half-round veneers production.

On 3 high-performance slicing machines with a working length of 5.20 m and a backing board thickness of only 5 mm veneers of the highest quality can be produced. Because our machines produce on the upstroke the veneer handling becomes much easier and the veneer less damaged. Quality control is supported by the installation of light tables.

Press-dryers with the latest technology are directly connected to the machines. Angular feeding and automatic humidity control provide for flat veneers and correct moisture content of the wood.

To press buckled veneers a press is available to our customers.