Furnierwerk Prignitz


from the start

Since 1999 all kinds of round log are stored in the log yard, that is completely covered with concrete. A container-unloading ramp enables any type of delivery of the round logs. For the protection of the logs a generously designed sprinkling system runs continuously for 24 h per day, from March to October.

An electronic measure system provides the correct production volume before the log runs through the debarker. The debarker is fitted with a root-end reducing machine and two milling heads wich give the log a smoother and splinter-free surface.

A powerful bandsaw with a laser device guarantees that all common species as well as species with larger dimensions like sapele, bubinga etc. can be flitched very exactly.

15 stainless steel boiling vats with lengths up to 14 m prevent oxidation spots on sensitive wood like maple, beech and oak.